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Emie 3rd Inner Guide

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Emie 3rd Inner Guide

Post by yottaso on Tue May 21, 2013 11:27 pm

why to write something that is already written... so for first quests I used this link:

I'll might add other quests once I have them done. To location of Liu Xiaoman I have noted those co-ords:
1083 616 (found her there 6 times, giving random quests)
556 585
1058 1045
1028 1022
1126 1566
1547 1227
1375 793 (found her there 3 times, she seems to be instanced as she only appeared when I came close and she always gave me as quest killing ruffians few meters from this place, so it actualy speeded it up)

remember its not all possible spawn point, just ones I have noted

few more missions:

Emei Secret Order 11
simply kill 3 npc near plum village

Emei Secret Order 12 (need to do it 2 times)
kill 5 npc in Chengdu

Emei Secret Order 13 (need to do it 2 times)
in this quest you have to finish school patrol task... probably best is to use your alt or ask some of guildies to help you with that (remember that the spy have to have already some intelligence collected while you kill it)

Emei Secret Order 14 (need to do it 4 times)
version 1:
go to herbal hall near cloud top and talk to Liu Xiaoman few times, she tells you she want to go shopping to Chengdu, so go there. You will be stopped by one constable, he will ask you to find missing magistrate. You will have to fight there group of npcs, at expert self it was ok to solo it but you might consider taking some friends on lower lvls. After you beat them, you have to go save Liu Xiaoman that was kidnapped during process. In the next part you will need some friends to help you for sure, so make sure you bring some high lvl friends (if it is new for you like it was for me, you have to have them in friends/followers and choose random encounter). So enter the cave, swim down and find Qin Donglai. Enjoy gathering chi...
version 2:
kill 3 Five Immortal Sect Experts, 3 Poison Demons, 3 Seven Star Linked Locks, listen to a story... thats all

Emei Secret Order 15
version 1:
Go to Plum Village, you'll find there bunch of corpses. Talk to Liu Xiaoman, then to Xing Junke twice. Use item in your inventory to burn a corpse, then go to Wu Yuzhu. Go to cave and fight Xing Junke, than talk with headmaster, than again with Liu Xiaoman... done...
version 2:
our favourite Liu Xiaoman will ask you to help Xing Junke, so go to Abbess Shuijing, she will send you to collect Dilong Grass... Use item in your inventory somewhere around those coordinates (you may need try more times to finaly find the spot) and you'll probably dig out some spiders... Dig again and you will get Earth Dragon Grass. Talk to all those people you will be send to and escort Li Shihua, than jump down and kill Mysterious Man after he spawn, then go kill 3 Wild Wolves and check the Mound - you will find Li Shihua's corpse, take it to Abbess Juechen
version 3:
talk to Abbess Juechen, escort Wu Yuzhu down the hill, you will find Xing Junke there, he will tel you that real enemy is in Peacock Villa. Talk to all elder martial sisters and go to PV common (Grab some high lvl friends and talk to Wang Jiamian to enter, not the PV gate!).
Once there, fight Ma Feng... You have to avoid his bombs and requiem sword, rest is bearable. We were eventualy able to beat him in two experts of self but it was a loooooooong fight, with lot of pills, deaths etc... Once you kill him, you will receive letter. Go outside and speak to that Emei (I forgot to note her name ...), she will send you to headmaster...

And now the "funny" part about this quest. you have to do it 4 times to get each of lvl 28, 29, 30 and 31. Than you need 2 pages 31 to create page 32, 2 of those to create 33 etc... so thats 4 + 2 (on 32) + 4 (on 33) + 8 (on 34) + 16 (on 35) + 32 (on 36) = 66 times you have to do this quest if it works like that up to lvl 36...

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